GA sliderYoungsong, Gene & Ann Young, are certainly not newcomers to the southern gospel industry. Gene began several years ago promoting southern gospel concerts in the Alton/Godfrey, Illinois area.  In 1998, after a long illness, Gene's first wife Sandi went home to be with the Lord. Five month's before her death, Sandi told Gene what God had in store for him. She said, "When something happens to me, some-one is going to come into your life that will play piano for you, sing with you and she'll have RED HAIR." Dismissing this with no interest, Gene continued on with a focus on writing and singing gospel music and promoting concerts to reach the lost that may or may not attend church. In 1999 enduring grief that only the loss of a longtime companion can bring, and in search for a special friend, God brought about a tremendous miracle when Gene would make contact with a lady in Tennessee, 600 miles away that he had never met. Although he had vowed to never again be married, Gene & Ann soon recognized the sovereign hand of God in bringing them together. Seizing this God given opportunity and under the unquestionable direction of the Holy Spirit, Gene was soon married to this lady who plays piano, sings with him and has RED HAIR. Ann has written many choruses that are sung around the world and have been translated and published in Germany, India, Australia and several Spanish speaking countries. This is one uplifting testimony that brings hope and encouragement to people everywhere. Learn how God will take the grief away when you turn everything over to Him. Gene & Ann's favorite saying is, "God gives His best to those that leave the choices up to Him". You must hear the rest of the story!

Gene & Ann Young make their home in Chuckey, TN and continue to promote Southern Gospel Concerts in Illinois, Missouri, Southwest Virginia, Tennessee and Florida. Through their promotions of concerts, Gene & Ann have presented their original songs as they opened concerts with artist Karen Peck & New River, The Crabb Family, The Isaacs, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Michael Combs, The Freemans, Ivan Parker, The Kingsmen, Lesters, Whisnants, New Hinsons, Ronny Hinson, The Redeemed, Dottie Rambo, The McKamey's, The Brazells, Mike Bowling, The Primitive Quartet and The Perrys.

Gene & Ann through prayer and confirmation from the God they serve not only continue their promotion of gospel music but also travel as"YoungSong" wherever the Lord leads. Their ministry is unique. Their original songs tell of true life experiences that hurting hearts will relate to and be touched by, sharing a message of hope and a testimony that is unequaled.

Their first CD, "IN HIS HANDS", introduces "YoungSong" as true messengers of the Gospel. They have recorded several CD's and their most recent recording is "SONGS FOR LIFE'S SEASONS". This recording includes all original songs as do most of their recordings. One of their CD's contains their complete testimony with no music. Their most requested song is"Searching" which is based on a true story about an old man that went to church one Sunday morning dressed in Bib Overalls and was turned away because of the way he was dressed.

YoungSong continues their ministry to reach a lost and hurting world. They have sung in churches of many denominations including Baptist, Church of God, Assembly of God, Nazarene, Independent and others. Their ministry is to touch a hurting heart, reach another lost soul for Christ and to bring as much joy as possible to others through the gospel in word and song. In the first 4 months of 2012, they saw at least 118 people come to Christ and the surprising fact is that over 100 of those were over the age of 65.

shipTheir ministry of Gospel concerts includes artists that also have a focus on ministry. Gene & Ann both agree that when artists lose that focus their purpose of presenting the gospel becomes diminished. There is always an amount of entertainment in gospel music, however the entertainment must always follow the purpose of the gospel. There is no substitute for the anointing and when present, gospel concerts become a worship experience. Their concerts always include a time of invitation and over the years they have seen many souls added to the kingdom.

When one is in service with YoungSong, it is evident that the hand of God is upon their ministry. Their love for each other and the God they are singing for, is presented in their lives and the words of the songs they have penned.